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Premiere for “Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End Of Time”

Michael Sosebee


The film screenings were superb and well-attended. There were many intelligent, informed questions. And yes, the film covers near-term human extinction, even though filming was nearly complete before I reached that conclusion myself. Many of the scenes in the trailers didn’t make the final cut. Post-premiere Q&A is embedded below.

Let me start with saying thanks for supporting our film. There had been a lot of stops and starts based on other commitments (by all parties involved) and there was a time a while back that I was completely out of money to pay my own bills so funding a film about “the end of the world as we know it” seemed a tad redundant. However in December of 2012 an anonymous source funded the final production and printing of this documentary film. Thank-you mystery person.

The story is primarily about Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona, who walked away from a tenured academic post to a permaculture settlement in New Mexico as a formal protest against “Industrial Civilization.” His “dire” messages from his academic post has been met with denial, obfuscation and he was largely marginalized.

Guy’s message over the years has become focused on the notion of NTE (near term extinction) based on increasingly pessimistic climate models and a growing biodiversity crisis.

If we are losing on the order of 200 species per day how many species can we lose before the survival of our own species is in jeopardy?

The question is now posed to the viewer: What do we do collectively and individually to confront our imminent oblivion?


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