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Linda Runyon on Wild Food Foraging


“Weeds are in every country of the world, so it’s beyond me why there is world hunger. An entire civilization is walking on their food.” -Linda Runyon

Linda Runyon spoke these words after years of teaching herself how to live from the land. “I have this driving force to let others know they can survive. I see pictures of Afghanistan children eating bread made from grass. They are actually eating healthy food. Starving people are probably walking on food that would keep them alive, if they knew how to use it. Wild foods can be dried and kept for decades, and their seeds can be planted to grow again after all that time.”

Linda’s knowledge and expertise come from years of wilderness living, and learning on her own just what foods were safe to eat. She became familiar with medicinal herbs as an offshoot of her friendship with members of the Iroquois Indians in the Adirondack wilds, where she lived.

Her book The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide is one of the best I’ve seen. After buying and using a number of “edible plant” books, I realized I really need a better understanding of how to cook and how to store these foraged foods. Linda covers this in detail in her book. So her book is exactly what I have been search for in the last couple of years. And now I finally found it! You can get her book through her web site: ofthefield.com

Below is more of the radio program with her.


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