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James Lovelock: A Rough Ride to the Future

The YouTube uploader states:

“James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia Hypothesis, has written a new book: “ A Rough Ride to the Future“. Talking on this theme with Rosie Boycott at the Hay Festival on 31 May 2014, Lovelock appeared to be staking a claim for a new role as poster boy for the Global Warming Policy Obfuscation Foundation.”

Lovelock, an advocate of nuclear energy, has now also amended his earlier predictions about Anthropogenic Global Warming.

As Brian Clegg sums up on Goodreads: “Rather that trying to somehow get it back to an imaginary utopian state, he argues we should be looking at new ways to live that will enable us to manage despite what the climate throws at us. He points out, for instance, that in our fears of the impact of 2 to 6 degrees of warming we miss that Singapore manages perfectly well in an environment that is 12.5 degrees above the global average. Of course, you might argue that we couldn’t sustain that way of life for 7 billion people – and Lovelock is sanguine about this. He doesn’t expect humans to carry on at that kind of population level, as part of the adaptation.”

Some of Lovelock’s new ideas were challenged during Q&A.  


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